In this article, besides basic information about Maldives, we will look for answers to questions such as How to Go to Maldives, Where is Maldives. In addition, we will try to find answers to questions such as what to eat in the Maldives, how to fly to the Maldives with Turkish Airlines and how to get to the Maldives from Turkey, Weather in the Maldives, when to go to the Maldives, to the extent that we have lived and experienced. Accommodation Types in Maldives, Maldives Currency, Maldives Beach Bungalow, Maldives Overwater Bungalow, Season and Season in Maldives will be the topics we will share with you through our research. We will detail the honeymoon opportunities in the Maldives in our next article.

What’s Maldives Like?

Maldives is one of the places on earth where you would snap your fingers and say stop time if you had the chance to stop time. Swimming in aquariums, being covered in white cloudy sands, getting lost in real turquoise waters, getting lost in the magical trees and vegetation of the islands… Moreover, you will find yourself in a place where you will feel the silence and clarity as if there were only you on earth. It is a place where you can admire the night sky and the stars for the first time, away from the light pollution of the earth, on a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. So much so that there is an answer I found myself; I found an answer in my heart why in every past civilization, human beings were so obsessed with astronomy and pondered over it, despite the need for so many other things. I think I saw hundreds or even thousands of stars in the sky for the first time. It’s not magic that can’t be chased. The sky, hiding behind the light pollution in big cities, was hypnotizing.

Is Maldives a Muslim Country? What does atoll mean?

First of all, 97% of the people of the Maldives Republic are Muslims. Its capital is Male. It is a country consisting of 1,196 islands (up to 2,000 islands with sand islands) spread over an area of ​​90,000 km2 in the Indian Ocean south of India. You hear the word atoll a lot, meaning the ring-shaped islands formed by coral reefs are called Atolls. There are 20 Atolls in Maldives. One of them is the Capital Male.

Capital Male and Hotels in Maldives

Although accommodation options vary in the Maldives, there are many islands and accommodation that appeal to different budgets.

An important warning for Male; yes, you can come across cheap hotels and you can get the idea of staying in these hotels while creating your own holiday plan. But holidays in the Maldives are held on tourist islands and their facilities. You won’t find beautiful beaches and environments to swim in in the capital Male. Alcohol and women are not allowed to wear bikinis. Frankly, Male is not a holiday destination. With short flights and boats, seaplanes, ferries, you pass to holiday paradises.

What is the Currency in Maldives?

Currency in Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa, but don’t be in a rush to change money at the airport. Especially on the islands where you will vacation, Dollar, Euro and Credit Cards are valid. We never changed our money to Rufiya.

How to go to Maldives ? Airport to Land in Maldives

Turkish Airlines flies to Male with direct flights. You can see the name of the airport with different names on different flight search sites. If you see these names, don’t be confused, the same airport is mentioned; Male International Airport, Valena International Airport, Ibrahim Nasir International Airport .. All the same 🙂 With a population of 75,000, Male is one of the smallest world capitals. It is up to you to spare a day for Male, but we can say that more than 1 day is unnecessary. You may not be able to go beyond the fish market alternatives with tall buildings and a few historical buildings.

3 Things To Take With Me When Going To Maldives (Desert Island)

Keep your bag minimal when going to the Maldives, because you need to reserve room for some equipment, which I will talk about shortly. Shout out to the ladies. If you go with the number of days you will stay x 3 clothes instead of the number of days you will stay x 1.5 clothes, you will be comfortable. If you make a selection while preparing your suitcase instead of thinking and choosing before you wear it, you will not have the trouble of dragging suitcases on domestic flights from island to island. Already small transfer

You can enter the planes with a cabin-size suitcase. Be sure to ask your travel agency for internal transfer and luggage rules.

In your suitcase;

1- mask snorkel if possible, see available on Decathlone

2- an underwater camera with which you can take water photos

3- I suggest you buy a strong sunscreen and a good post-burn moisturizer.

Which season and month you should choose to go Maldives?

The air temperature all year varies between 25-32 degrees. More precisely, the air temperature is around 30 degrees and does not change. For this reason, it is sufficient to go to the Maldives with thin clothes. In the Maldives, the season is divided into two; Rain-dominated and Sun-dominated. However, beware. On Male and the islands inhabited by the locals, you are expected to show respect to the locals when it comes to clothing. Very revealing clothes are not welcome.

Maldives Rainy Season and Rainy Season

First of all, I suggest you not to be afraid of the rain passes in the Malidives. Personally, I was shocked by the fact that the weather seemed rainy all the time as the dates I chose approached, but after a little research, I saw that there were different weather conditions between the capital Male and the island I was going to. What’s more, I discovered that the rain passes do not exceed an hour or two of the day, and even that swimming in the rain in this hour or two is one of the best feelings. However, it is useful to be careful against storms and especially heavy showers at night. However, even if it rains on the date of your visit, I advise you not to panic. You can live the moments you can say good luck.

I can say that the sunny season in Maldives hits December January February March April and May. We went on December 3rd. Although the weather forecast showed partly cloudy and rainy, we saw 1 day and 2 night precipitation, our sun was never missing.

The hottest month is April. September is the month with the lowest demand.

Maldives Accomodation

First of all, it is the classic advice, but I repeat it. Do not go to the Maldives alone. You start talking to Fish and Coconuts.

I’m cutting it short, the places you will stay;

Beach Bungalow For Beach Lovers,
It becomes a Bungalow Over the Water..

You can’t go and get a view from the upper floors. Overwater bungalows are the higher-priced type of accommodation. Personally, I couldn’t find a suitable over-water accommodation option at the time I made the reservation, and I’m a beach lover. But you can prepare a mixed plan. For example, you can choose to stay on the beach for 3 days and over water for 2 days. Frankly, I wonder how an overwater bungalow feels on a stormy day, but the magic of being able to swim underwater is also a feeling I wonder.

What To Eat in Maldives, Foods?

There is no choice but the facilities on the islands, continue to the open buffets. We were very satisfied with the taste. There were amazing options from every cuisine (French, Italian, Indian). Fish, meat, chicken, salad menus, sauces and especially desserts were amazing. The best part is there is no one pouting, everyone is giving you energy, trying to be friends. She doesn’t hesitate to smile and engage with you to make your moment more special and unforgettable.

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