The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced Turkey’s favorite and most popular street delicacies. Here are the 10 most popular street flavors in Turkey!

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the most popular street flavors within the scope of Turkey’s promotional activities. Although Turkish cuisine is the center of gastronomy, it was emphasized that street delicacies are also quite delicious. In the article, which included street delicacies, it was stated that “Turkish people have a nomadic past and this is one of the main reasons why street food culture is extremely rich and popular throughout the country.” Here are the 10 most popular street flavors determined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

1 Bagel - "Simit"

Simit took the first place in Turkey’s most preferred street food list. This food, which is consumed with a glass of hot tea or cheese, took the first place with its economy and taste.

2 Fish Bread - "Balık Ekmek"

Fish and bread served with grilled fish, plenty of onions and greens is on the second rank of the list. With its affordable price and delicious taste, fish bread is one of the most popular street foods. Especially in Eminönü, you can often come across fish and bread queues.

3 Baked Chestnuts - "Kestane"

Chestnut is one of the most common delicacies you can come across on the street during the winter months. “Chestnut kebab is a good thing to eat.” you can hear the word.

4 Tantuni

Tantuni, which is identified with Mersin cuisine, is made with both chicken and meat. Finely chopped meat is combined with parsley, pepper, tomato and plenty of onions and wrapped in lavash.

5 Stuffed Mussels - "Midye Dolma"

Stuffed mussels, one of the most controversial delicacies, is served fresh daily. Stuffed mussels, which are very difficult to stop once you start eating, are served with plenty of lemon.

6 Kumpir

In the 6th place of the list, there is the kumpir, which is frequently found on the streets. Large potatoes are cut in half and stuffed. Many ingredients such as olives, sausages, cheddar cheese and garnishes are brought together. When it comes to Kumpir, the first place that comes to mind is Ortaköy.

7 Chicken Chickpea Street Rice - "Tavuklu Nohut Pilav"

Although chicken and rice are among the most consumed foods at home, the place of chicken and chickpea pilaf made on the street is different. This flavor, which is served with a foamy ayran and pickles, is very popular especially in the evening hours.

8 Raw Meatballs - "Çiğköfte"

Ranking 8th on the list, raw meatballs is one of the most popular street delicacies. Raw meatballs, which are sold both as a portion and as a wrap, are consumed with plenty of greens and lemons.

9 Iced Almonds - "Buzlu Badem"

Especially in the summer months, the iced almonds are made by soaking the raw almonds in hot water. After the almonds are peeled, pieces of ice are added to the side and this flavor is eaten with pleasure.

10 Turnip Juice - (Shalgam)

Turnip juice, one of the boldest flavors, has survived from the Ottoman period to the present day. Turnip juice consumed with meals is served with chopped pickles.

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