Covid-19 pandemic limited the traveling and it is really hard to travel and In this post you fill find some recommendations about where to stay and how to accommodate on Covid-19 days.

1- Renting Villas and Summer Homes from Their Owners

It may not be possible to take a vacation by continuing our old habits during the Corona Epidemic days, but some alternative vacation plans may mark your summer. We see an increase in the number of those who rent villas, houses and cottages in this period when tourism professionals have also evolved. We can say that many villas and cottage rental sites (such as,, have brought a movement to the tourism industry.

2 Tent and Bungalow Rooms in Campgrounds

We can say that camping areas are one of the best ways out in the summer months when the Corona Virus is affected. Because it is one of the popular areas these days when tent and camping chair sales are booming. Although buying a caravan is an expensive option, renting and staying in campsites is one of the best solutions.

3- Traveling in the Sea by Renting a Yacht and Boat

Renting a yacht and boat is undoubtedly one of the most exciting holiday opportunities. For example it is one of the great opportunities to charter a Gulet on the Turkish and Greek coast and spend a week with groups of 10-12 people. Thus, you will have the opportunity to swim in clear waters and to spend a holiday in isolation with your friends, away from the risk of Covid-19. It is also an amazing opportunity to discover hidden coves that you did not know.

4- Mountain Plateau House

Camping in the cool plateaus and mountains in both the summer and winter can be a kind of holiday you have never experienced before. But I guarantee you will want to stay a second time.

5- Accommodation in your Car/Van in Slow Nature/Bays

Of course, for this, you need to have a large vehicle and, if possible, a vehicle with recline rear seats. We do this with our Toyota CHR. If you’re not claustrophobic, I’d say it’s more comfortable than a tent. You can enjoy your music, air conditioner and even your car freezer. Moreover, some systems that combine your vehicle with a tent offer a hybrid solution. It provides you a comfortable stay every day in another place, safely and away from the risk of covid.

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