If the canals of the city are the lifeblood of Amsterdam, Vondelpark is the heart. In this article, we will talk about what kind of place Amsterdam Vondelpark is, Vondelpark’s Rules, Vondelpark’s bans and Vondelpark’s interesting freedoms.

About Amsterdam Vondelpark

Considering that the old name of New York was New Amsterdam, we can say that Central Park in New York is the cousin of Vondelpark. It has the same importance for the city as New York’s Central Park. With at least 10 million visitors a year, Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is the most popular park in the Netherlands. The area of the park is 470,000 square meters.

Amsterdam Vondelpark Name Comes From a Poet

Vondelpark, named after the Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel, was opened to the public in 1865. It was declared a Rijksmomument (National Monument) in 1996. You can clean lawns, trees, rose bushes, various ponds, playgrounds, etc. Includes. The most striking and sensational aspect of the park is that it is subject to some interesting legal regulations. The foremost of these is the legalization of making love in the park.

Amsterdam Vondelpark Rules

Yet despite Amsterdam’s ‘All-Agreed’ reputation, use of the park is subject to strict rules, with one controversial exception. The number of people per square meter in Vondelpark is 2 times compared to Central Park.
Therefore, clear rules are needed. Motorized traffic is not allowed in the park, there are wide cycle paths for cyclists, skaters and skateboarders. Riding is free, you will see it while you are walking, but this is because Hollandsche Manage, the oldest riding school in the Netherlands, is very close to the park. In the seventies Vondelpark became an important hangout for hippies. Many camped overnight, which soon made it illegal to set up tents and campgrounds.

Amsterdam Vondelpark’s Liberties

You can have a picnic, but only if you will collect your trash properly.
Only daytime entertainment, You can only make acoustic music
You can bike and skate, but only on paved roads (motors and scooters are strictly prohibited) You can sunbathe anywhere. Dogs are welcome, but must be on leashes and in playgrounds and meadows. Petting after dark is allowed provided you don’t leave litter around.

Amsterdam Vondelpark’s Prohibits

Selling food and beverage (except licensed operators) Leaving your dog’s mess behind.
Riding a scooter, moped or car, Campfires or open flames, Barbecue (as of March 1, 2017), Powered music or percussion instruments, Nude sunbathing, Overnight or camping in a tent.

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