The 9-euro ticket was introduced in the period from June to August to compensate for the increased burden. It sold almost 50 million copies and is considered a complete success. At the beginning of November, the transport ministers of the federal and state governments agreed on a successor to the 9-euro ticket with the 49-euro ticket. A launch date has now been announced According to Travelbook magazine and BILD .

Actually, the transport ministers of the federal and state governments had already agreed on a start date for the Deutschlandticket at a special conference at the end of November: it should be April 1, 2023. But then the date was pushed back further and further, many modalities were still unclear. But now NRW Transport Minister Oliver Krischer (Greens), as Chairman of the Transport Ministers’ Conference, has announced that the start date will be fixed on May 1st. According to BILD, he said this on Friday, January 27, after the meeting of a federal-state working group. However, the law required for the Deutschlandticket still has to pass the Bundesrat, probably at the end of March, and the approval of the EU Commission is still pending.

Pre-order the Deutschlandticket via the app now – does that make sense?

If you are currently looking for “Deutschlandticket” in the app store of your choice, you will see it at the top: the “Deutschlandticket app”. There you can not only find out about the ticket, but also pre-order it directly.

First of all, it is important to note that the “Deutschlandticket App” does not come from Deutsche Bahn – it is from the third-party company Hansecom, which already has contracts with several regional transport associations. It is important to know that the Deutschlandticket, like the 9-euro ticket in summer 2022, will also be available from every transport association and via the DB app. So there is no compelling reason to already download this app or even pre-order a ticket out of concern that you wouldn’t get one otherwise.

However, if you decide to pre-order via the app out of interest and without pressure, you will be puzzled at the latest when choosing the transport company. Because there are currently only 20 listed, several larger associations, such as the Rhein-Sieg transport association, are still missing. This makes no difference for the user: Since the 49-euro ticket can be used unlimitedly throughout Germany, it makes no difference whether a Munich resident orders a ticket from the Berlin BVG or a Dresdener a ticket from the Hamburg HVV. So if you want to order a ticket, you can just randomly choose one of the given companies.

Eigentlich hatten sich die Verkehrsminister von Bund und Ländern auf einer Sonderkonferenz Ende November bereits auf einen Starttermin für das Deutschlandticket geeinigt: Der 1. April 2023 sollte es werden. Doch dann wurde der Termin immer weiter nach hinten verschoben, viele Modalitäten waren noch unklar. Doch nun hat NRW-Verkehrsminister Oliver Krischer (Grüne) als Vorsitzender der Verkehrsministerkonferenz verkündet, Starttermine werde fix der 1. Mai. Das sagte er laut BILD am Freitag, dem 27. Januar, nach der Sitzung einer Bund-Länder-Arbeitsgruppe. Allerdings muss das für das Deutschlandticket notwendige Gesetz immer noch voraussichtlich Ende März den Bundesrat passieren und auch die Zustimmung der EU-Kommission steht noch aus.

So sieht die „Deutschlandticket App“ aktuell aus – bislang kann man aus 20 Verkehrsverbänden auswählen
So sieht die „Deutschlandticket App“ aktuell aus – bislang kann man aus 20 Verkehrsverbänden auswählenFoto: Screenshot TRAVELBOOK

For the transport associations themselves, however, this is a “worst-case scenario”. This is because the buyers cannot be assigned to their places of residence, which would be absolutely necessary due to the co-financing of the federal states, as transport politician Dorothee Martin (SPD) noted last autumn and for this reason also spoke out against a paper version. “We have to ensure that the income also arrives where the costs are incurred,” said a spokesman for the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) of WELT. How this is to be done with the current solution is still unclear.What will the Deutschlandticket apply to? The 49-euro ticket will be valid for local transport throughout Germany. Long-distance rail transport and coach transport are therefore not included. Deutsche Bahn local trains include: S-Bahn (S), regional train (RB), Regional Express (RE), Interregional Express (IRE)

Wofür wird das Deutschlandticket gelten?

Das 49-Euro-Ticket wird in ganz Deutschland für den Nahverkehr gelten. Schienenfernverkehr und der Reisebusverkehr sind demnach nicht inbegriffen. Zu den Nahverkehrszügen der Deutschen Bahn gehören:

  • S-Bahn (S),
  • Regionalbahn (RB),
  • Regionalexpress (RE),
  • Interregioexpress (IRE)

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